The New Color Rush Campaign
Blow it ALL up and make something completely different...using the same assets. 
As it would often happen at Nike, the same project would roll around again the next year, right about when you feel you just got finished with it from last year. This turned out to be a super fun exploration of how to re-invent what Color Rush means to Nike, rather than to the NFL. They told me to do something completely different and off the wall, but didn't want to spend any money shooting new assets. So, here are the directions I came up with. 
Direction 1 : 
Neon glow background with movement made by blurring effects
feedback: "pretty, but not weird enough."
Direction 2
Get crazy illustrative with uniform and paint textures. 
feedback: "yes. we are getting closer."

Direction 3
Teamed up with crazy digital artist and high res scanner Sam Rolfes to make some real weirdness
Feedback: "YES! that is what we want. But, money has moved. so this is cancelled. wa waaaa."

I had fun though. And so did Sam. 
A look at some of the process of this work. This was going to be cool .
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