The Next years Color Rush Campaign
Blow it ALL up and make something completely different...using the same assets. 

I've included this work because it mirrors a common occurrence in the fast-paced sports industry: leadership finds itself strapped for cash this year after exhausting funds the previous year, yet they still expect groundbreaking results using the same resources. So for this project, we leaned heavily into the beautiful photography we already had and tried to blow it up to make something new, but recognizable. 
Direction 1 : 
Neon glow background with movement made by blurring effects.
Feedback: "pretty, but not weird enough."
Direction 2
Get crazy illustrative with uniform and paint textures. 
Feedback: "Yes. we are getting closer."

Direction 3
Teamed up with crazy digital artist and high res scanner Sam Rolfes to make some real weirdness
Feedback: "YES! That is what we want. But, money has moved. so this is canceled. wa waaaa."
A look at some of the process of this work. This was going to be cool .
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