Columbia Sportswear
Made For Outside

These campaigns epitomized collaboration, presenting a unique creative process unlike any I had encountered before. As a subcontractor partnered with After All Studios, who secured the project from Columbia, my role involved crafting Art Direction for new premium products within the Columbia lineup, utilizing pre-existing photography assets. Our primary objective was to establish a cohesive design system adaptable across various channels, from retail to social media, in a modular fashion. This allowed for the creation of assets for new products throughout the year while maintaining the established creative direction. It was an exciting project that stretched my production design capabilities, as I not only developed the toolkit for asset creation and reference but also finalized the assets themselves for Columbia outlets worldwide.

Design Director  | Cory Roberts
Art Direction | Rory Brown
Production | Pinata
Photography  | Columbia in house team

Working alongside AfterAll Studio and Pinata Productions proved to be a rewarding endeavor as we crafted a comprehensive toolkit for Columbia Sportswear, highlighting premium products in their Fall '22 line. I had the privilege of presenting an Art Direction deck to Columbia's leadership, articulating our proposed creative direction for the forthcoming season. This project held significant importance as it aimed to synchronize our vision with Columbia's objectives, ultimately enhancing their brand presence in the market.
Recognizing the extensive scope of this project, I chose to showcase selected sections from the comprehensive 170+ page documents developed and delivered to Columbia. While captivating visuals are integral to design, I wanted to emphasize the importance of strong organization and structured design to facilitate ease of use for large corporations handling their assets.

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