Nike Energy Packs
Vapor Untouchable 2 Print Campaign

In spearheading the campaign for the release of the all-new Nike Vapor Untouchable 2 and its fresh color variations, I worked closely with the Nike product team to align the artwork with their color and style choices. Each colorway family boasted multiple cleat styles, with the artwork meticulously highlighting the unique attributes of each. It was a gratifying project that heralded the start of a new season of Nike Football cleats.
Design Director | Dave Frank
Lead Design | Rory Brown
Product Photography | Swanson Studio
Retouch & Treatment | Village Green

The Alpha Menace Storm Pack is made for lightning-fast direction changes.
Lunar Beast cleats are designed for the larger players working in the trenches, so the design narrative reflects a more powerful cleat. 
Process and inspirations we went through to get to these images.
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