Janowski Creative Direction

At Nike SB, I assisted the Art Director in developing and delivering assets for the sixth-month product release commemorating the iconic Janowski sneaker anniversary. It was an exceptional experience, as Nike SB aimed to differentiate itself from the broader Nike brand, aligning with the anti-corporate ethos of skateboarders. This environment fostered an open-minded approach where no ideas were off-limits, a refreshing departure from my prior experience within the stringent legal and partnership approval framework of the Nike corporate design structure.

The Creative Direction blended the whimsical realm of handmade stop-motion "craggles" from Portland with an ongoing photo documentary featuring Nike athletes on a global tour.
These "Craggles" were made in by a Portland agency were the characters that fleshed out the creative direction for this season. 
Creative Direction included releasing these skate assets monthly with print and digital collateral. These are examples of the print campaign. 
Along with the print campaign was supplying Thrasher magazine with posters. 
The digital component encompassed the integration of craggle characters and footage from skaters' tours, offering a vivid representation of the lifestyle embraced by Nike skaters.
Insta Carosel
Example of an Email 
I was also able to reskin the lobby at Nike SB WHQ.
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