Nike + NFL
Color Rush Campaign:
Light Up Thursday Night

The collaboration between our team and the NFL for the Nike NFL Color Rush campaign stemmed from our commitment to fulfill Nike's partnership obligations to the NFL. The campaign aimed to boost viewership of Thursday night football games and highlight Nike's striking football uniforms.
For over a year, our team dedicated our efforts to creating 96 unique assets, each suitable for prominent display in both Nike and NFL team stores, pop-up game locations, special events, and billboards across New York City. Additionally, we crafted numerous iterations of secondary motion graphics for digital billboards and social usage. These assets offered extensive versatility for our leadership team to leverage in various innovative contexts moving forward.
During my role as an art director on this campaign, I acquired invaluable experience overseeing professional-level shoots involving NFL athletes, full-production teams, and top-tier photographers.
Design Director  | Dave Frank 
Design Lead | Maria Cortiñas
Design 2 | Rory Brown
Photographer  | Benjamin Lennox
Retouch  | Upper Studio 
We were tasked to also provide a hero asset that showed unique emotion for each player. This process depended heavily on the athlete's personality.
Website Digital refresher, we created these comps for every month's matchups. 
Instagram reveal strategy below. 
Print Collateral and Seeding Kits
Out Of Home executions: NY Subway takeover and downtown motion billboards.
Teaser video released on Nike and NFL social media channels as well as used in OOH signage like digital billboards and special event screens
Retail Application & Build Outs
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