Nike + NFL
365 Paid Partnership Assets 

As part of Nike's NFL partnership obligations, we were required to allocate a specific budget annually to promote our new products while also generating excitement around the latest NFL uniforms provided by Nike. This marked my inaugural million-dollar campaign as lead designer, tasked with delivering top-tier creative while adhering to the parameters set by the NFL partnership, NFLPA, Nike product guidelines, marketing strategies, legal considerations, and leadership directives.
It was a remarkable project where I was involved in every stage, from initial conception and pitching to final asset delivery. This encompassed coordinating full athlete photo shoots, managing vendors, and producing 32 individual assets for each NFL team, tailored for use across retail stores and digital platforms.
Design Director  | Dave Frank 
Design Lead | Rory Brown
Retouch  | Village Green 
Assets for all 32 teams were created for use their markets around the country.
Digital Refresher composition
We mocked up new compositions weekly to keep the Nike digital page fresh for the next weeks matchups.
Projects of this size tend to fluctuate through the approval process. There were some cool motion ideas we came up with but were ultimately cut due to budget. 
BTS on set at the photo shoot art directing athletes. We also had a fine night at Karaoke to wrap the shoot.
Early Process : 
This is a look at some of the evolution of the work through the project.
Dave Frank / Design Director
Rory Brown / Lead Designer
Benjamin Lennox / Photographer
Village Green / Retouch and Treatment
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