Super Bowl 50
Big beautiful pictures of a lot of product
This marked one of my initial significant projects with the NABD team. Collaborating directly with Creative Director Dave Frank, we dedicated ourselves to shooting and retouching an extensive line of products released by Nike for the game. While not overly intricate, the project underscored the importance of maintaining consistency to ensure uniformity among all products within the crafted environment.
Design Director  | Dave Frank 
Design | Rory Brown + NABD Team

In addition to on-field action for consumer engagement, there was a considerable amount of branded products requiring retouching and stylization.
These images were sourced from AP imagery and meticulously matched to align with the aesthetic of the campaign as well as added the correct product to their hands and feet. 
These assets lived everywhere and neede digital refreshers during the entire year on the march to the Superbowl.
I started to guess at the victors to make victory assets. I was wrong, it was the Bronco's year. 
We put so many things in this campaign, I figured I better get in there too. Good times.
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